sobota 15. listopadu 2014

Of Comet and Men

Before you start reading, beware. I don't usually write in English. Might contain mistakes.

I knew there was comet landing. Philae and stuff. I don't know many details, because I'm not enough geeky to care. (And there was this birthday we had to celebrate...) Anyway yesterday I read that the guy who landed Philae had terrible shirt. It does not bother me. Really. I don't give a shit. (Actually, it did remind me a little of my English teacher, who had shirt with similar colours (although women free) and he was one false optimist and I hated him... but that't not that important.)

I am much more concerned about reactions on his fashion choice. Come on, we live in Century of Fruitbat and in these parts of world women are equal to men. At least I don't feel oppressed. But they are telling me, that because some men might be asses, I am oppressed. And that that is the reason I am not willing to study science. And that is, pardon my Klatchian, bullshit. And BTW I'm not going to be told what to think.

I'm not studying science, because I voluntarily decided it's not what I want to do. Because I thought language is more interesting. (And I'm actually studying Czech language with specialization of computational linguistics, so there is some science.) It had nothing to do with men and what they do or don't do. And you know what? I'm thinking about studying math. And if some of my future classmates will think I'm less just because of my sex... I don't care. I am young, clever and more or less self-confident person and going to stay that way. And again I'm not going to be told what to think. If someone is sexist, he's an idiot. But the world is full of various idiots. Even my president is an idiot. But still, freedom should not be slavery.

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